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Stu Thomsen
My dear friends and family of the BMX world. On August 21st, 2006, I will be entering a new chapter in my life. On May 24th, four days after my 48th birthday, it was confirmed I have prostate cancer. On the 21st I will be undergoing a robot assisted laparoscopic surgery (De Vinci) to remove the cancerous prostate. After its removal there is a 90% cure rate. Some of you may have a father, brother or relative who has or had prostate cancer. This disease is hereditary. I urge all of you, males over forty, to be screened for prostate cancer, as it affects 1 in 4 and yearly thousands die from it. I am in good spirits today and know that I will beat it. My father had prostate cancer when he was 67, now at 87, he is as feisty as every. To this day his still works 3 to 4 days a week for his engineering firm. I have a few personal goals I have set my sights on and some include racing again. Thoughts of jumping doubles will never leave my mind. Thank you for supporting me has a BMX racer in the past and as an icon to this great sport. Learn more go to

Please keep me in your thought and prayers.


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I've got you covered. Our thoughts towards towards your recovery.

Bill Curtin
Hey, Good Luck with that situation ... May God be with you and the Doctors During and after your ordeal. You will be kept in prayer !

Peace ~ Tone
I know if anybody can beat cancer, you sir are one of them. Watching you as much as we did at the races or in the magazines, We saw you attack every challenge. I'm sure this will be no different.

Our Family will include you in our Prayers. Keep your head up and beat this thing!

Best regards,

Hal Marshman
hasn't been an obstacle I haven't seen you overcome thus far, no need for me to feel any different on this petty issue ---- GIVE'EM HELL STU ! --- all my thoughts and that of my family our behind you and yours

no need for luck --- but I do wish you well
Stu Thomsen - all those years ago you were as much a hero to us kids in Australia, on the other side of the world, as you were at home.

Will be thinking of you - you couldn't have achieved what you have without being incredibly mentally tough - I'm sure you'll kick this too.

Regards Kurt
pk ripped
Thoughts and prayers for sure Stu, hang in there, be strong and positive. You have come on top so much in life, this will be no different!!
Stu, we all hope that you recover quickly. Take care!

Please, when you do race again, please do it on something other than a Huffy.
Stu Thomsen
Pig, It'll be on a Redline.

Thanks for sharing this with us Stu, I'm sure it took courage. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. They didn't call you Stompin' Stu Thomsen for nothing.

After you stomp out the cancer, I look forward to seeing you back on the track soon.
Stu is absolutely right and get checked out! I just went through a cancer scare that ended up benign but got a mega thorough check in all places. It's not that bad and the key thing is detecting sooner than later.

Stu, the doctors are awesome nowdays and like usual you'll be Stompin' this like you have everything else in life!

Wishing you and your family all the best in this.

Good luck Stu!
And i agree,, all of us need to get checked out at around 40ish ! I recently had a prostate problem and thatnkfully it was'nt cancer !! And I just turned 35 !!!

Your advice is so important. If you are a man over 40 have a full physical and check out everything. Then stay on top of your health, diet, weight, etc.

I wish you well with your current situation.
That's one race (to recovery) we all know you'll win. Best of health to you!
Thoughts and prayers are with you Stu!! Wish you all the best!!
Sending good vibes your way.
Stu, I know thats a personal area, but was it a random check up or are there signs etc? I passed on my doctors last attempt to do that, but have more than one friend who urge all to get checked.

I dont need to wish you the best, you wont settle for anything less and thats that. I dont know what the road ahead is, but glad you got it early. Now about gettin back on that Redline.........
My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. I know things seem like they suck now but you will be back behind the bars in no time.
Ditto on sending good vibes your way. You WILL beat this!
prayers and well wishes headed your way for you and your family Stu.
Jeff Utterback
OK, I'm makin' an appointment, even though I get checked out every two years for the drag race license.

Jeezus Stu!

Take care dude and hug your old man for me!
Get well soon Stu! My fellow vtards, please make sure you let your Dr check you out back there. It is the most manly thing a man can do.

Jesse d
Stu, you were an idol of mine many years ago and obviously by sharing this you still portray the courage and strength which I admire.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

My families positive thoughts and prayers are with you. You'll beat this like no one else.

Remember, you jumped three 911 Porsches. You'll holeshot this one!

And, above all, kudos for the courage of telling us about this.


Mike Neville
New Zealand
your in my thoughts and prayers, get well soon bro

Prayers and well wishes to you and your family Mr Thomsen. Get well soon.
Hope your recovery is as fast as you are on a Redline.

Kick it's *** Stu! My dad had his prostate removed 5 years ago at the age of 80. He's still here at 85 living life to the fullest. Good luck man!
Keep jamming!
Just like ice cream and apple pie......... Stu on a Redline!!

Thanks for sharing your situation with us. You will not be alone through this.
Good luck Stew. Just make believe the problem is Greg and Utterback and you'll roll right past it.

Rick g

Yo Stu, I'm not that good with words.. but 20Plus years ago you were kicking goals.. and brought us positive thoughts and inspired us all in the world of BMX.. 20years plus later you are still kickn' goals.. Your a positive guy and you will get through this one without a sweat! remember how you kicked A_S_S back in Australia? hehehe.. too easy!!

BUT we all must be aware with Prostate Cancer.. my father has it and has to go in soon.... A reminder we "guys" need to all be checked earlier..

Staying natural high..

Once again Stu.. remember how easy it was winning against the Aussies back in the early 80's hehehe..

20Years down the track you will remember and say "how it easy that operation" no sweat!!

Stay positive!!
Wishing you all the very best in the OR and in your recovery. I met you in 1980 at our local War of the Stars. I was afraid you wouldn't want to talk to a local grommet, being Stompin' Stu and wrong I was. Thanks for being the inspiration you were, and still are.
You'll be in our thoughts.
Take care- Pete
Stu Thomsen
Since it's in my family, I have been having a PSA test and a DRE test (digital rectal exam) each year for the last 5 to 7 years. Everyone can get good information by going to the Prostate Cancer Foundation web cite. Last year my test was negative. I cought it early and thats the importance of the yearly physicals.
I'd like to wish you all the very best and hope all goes well. My uncle was diagnosed with Prostate cancer 4 years ago and he has made a full recovery. Cancer is such a terrible thing, My father passed away from bowel cancer just under 2 years ago, And like prostate cancer, It too is hereditery.
The entire world of BMX is thinking of you and sending you their best wishes and saying prayers for you.
When I was growing up you were one of my idols and you still are. Stay positive and never forget that we are all thinking of you.
Take care - Paul.
Bedlam Bikes
Best of luck Stu.
Get well soon...that Redline is calling for you.

Ted Carl

I learned the words "Malignant Melanoma" at 27. Cancer is a scary thing, but as you said, catching it early is the key.

I am glad you caught it early. Keep your spirits up, you'll come through it tough as ever, of that I have no doubt!

My thoughts are with you.
Thoughts, prayers and good vibes to you Stu! You can beat this thing for sure!
All the best Stu. We all know you'll beat this.
Hang in, Stu.

FWIW, you just inspired me to make the appointment for a check up I've been putting off.

I do not know quite what to say. Cancer is a terrible disease but you have overcome tremendous odds in the past. You CAN overcome this. Think positive and God bless you. You will be included in our prayers

You will beat it. Keep up the positive outlook!
Cash Matthews
Good luck Stu! I am getting my checkup on September 12th. You've been a champion as long as I've known you and I know those same qualities that helped you conquer the bmx world will help you conquer this situation.

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord God is with you wherever you go."
Stu Thomsen
This all means so much. Thanks

pgringo aka P.hilip K.elso
GET A SECOND AND THIRD AND FOURTH AND FIFTH OPINION! my girlfriend's father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and shortly after prostate removal, the doctors figured out it was actually bladder cancer. only after he went to m. d. anderson, the premiere cancer hospital in the country. please please make sure. weigh all of your options. you DO know what happens when they remove your prostate, right? please please investigate thoroughly!

[ August 20, 2006, 01:54 AM: Message edited by: pgringo aka P.hilip K.elso ]
SE Quadangle
Hey Stu,
get well soon! We all know you'll beat this.
Best luck!

Heres to a safe operation and speedy recovery.
Stu - we look forward to having you back here in Australia one day - please keep the chin up.
R. Serafin
Thoughts and prayers to you and your family Stu.
Chevron Envy
You have always been a man of strength and determination. Although most of us don't "know" you, you've been an inspiration to all over the years.

I speak for everyone when I say - we will all be happy to see you riding again soon. You have taught so many of us what it means to be a winner. This is just another opportunity to hold class again.

Godspeed! Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

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