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Freestylin' - November 1985 .pdf - Now available for download at
With thanks to Matt & Joe G.
Not much action here, but thanks for posting. We appreciate your efforts.
Jay Huber
I love that issue. There's a pic of DLR at that Venice Beach contest if I remember correctly
Jay Huber
I love that issue. There's a pic of DLR at that Venice Beach contest if I remember correctly
Indeed, I would agree with Pauly that your efforts are appreciated.

I think that was my second issue of FSN'. Love it, too. Maybe it is sentiment but the artistic composition and colors and Mike D make it one of my favorites... which is saying a LOT because that mag had the best covers of all time. Go Spike and Windy and others! Or maybe just because David Lee Roth was checkin' out the comp at Venice both days, with his smokin' hot bikinied bodyguard! ha

I still own the entire FSN'/Go collection. I should send the ones to the guys I was friends with, or knew, to autograph. Just Woody and DMC and Blyther would be a cinch and probably count for ten or more. I could get Lashua's, or Molinterno's, or lotsa other coverboys with an email. I re-met Joe Johnson a handful of years ago... we had some laughs Back In The Day; I can't recall at the mo' if Joe ever made the cover. Maybe a huge no-hander? He did the best one-footed inverts I've ever seen.
Hmm. Get the collection autographed. They are all minty new and unblemished and complete. That could be fun.

Because I am fortunate enough to have all the mags I do I am not inclined to look at them online. I find that when I get on your site I get a kick out of American Freestyler or BMX Plus! or something. Some of THOSE I have never seen, and so perusing them I get a big fresh whiff of Vintage. Some say the olfactory sense can spark more memory than even sight or hearing. Fresh Vintage is one of the best smells there is.

Thanks again, Johnny. I see there are a number of magazines you are looking for that I possess. I will see about acquiring a scanner to help the cause. I seem to remember about 16 years ago I used to do a lot of scanning and posting around here...
Holy poop poop poop, I say again, poop, also, poop! A Josh sighting! Good to "see" you man. Hoping all is well!
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