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It is that time again, BUILD time! The 1988 Haro Team Master was my first dream bike as a kid, and I wanted this turquoise/teal one back then but they did not have that color in stock, so I got the black,/chrome/white one which was still very nice. I did the neon yellow/green one last year which I also loved, but then once I saw that Haro was re-releasing this 88 version I had to get it! I did my other dream bikes as well including the GT red/orange dayglo and blue ones, and may do the dayglo pink one next also sometime. But for now I am very happy to finally have this 88 Master set to finally build and ride! I wanted the old school version as usual, which is what I always had and what I am used to. Someday I might try the new school ones as well, but I am old school at heart as an old school rider. Old School 80's for life baby! Let the RAD build begin!

OK it is that time again, time to finish the 88 Haro Master build! Wheels are done just need to add my dice caps now!

White Dominator seat as I always used since the 80's with custom shiny chrome seat guts.

Chrome seatpost I had powdercoated turquoise to match the frame by C4 Labs.


Cool, but how are these part distinguished from original? Are they pretty much exact reproductions?
There are slight differences and stamps, and the color scheme is a little darker and more contrast on the mint/teal whereas the old school colors were more turquoise all throughout but some had more contrast than others. But Haro out some info on stamps to look for on some parts and slight differences so that people could not sell them for a lot more money as originals from the 80's. But technically they are all from the same molds but I don't really care as long as they look the same and work well. But since I had both parts I can tell the difference and there are "Lineage" markings and stamps as well as the slightly darker and more contrasting paint scheme. The average person might not be able to tell the difference though. The sprocket also says "Genuine Vintage Series" "" which obviously the old ones did not have on them. The stem had some stamp on it also I believe. So yeah there are ways to tell the difference between ones form the 80's and repops although they are the same in general and from the same molds.
Bought an entire decal set for just the seatpost decal then sold the extras. Sawed off the the extra long bolt as usual on the 990 brake mount, as it gets in the way of the foot while scuffing. Then filed and sanded it down smooth. Almost done now!

The build is now complete! Stay tuned for my next build in my other 2021 GT Pro Performer thread!

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