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Full Version: RAD really should have become a television series ! > VintageBMX Talk > Freestyle BMX
I have always thought about this :

RAD really should have become a television series !

What all do you guys think about this idea ?
That would have been cool. That would have been the ultimate in cheese tv though lol.
Eddie Fiola definitely would have lots more stunt double work to do during a television series of the movie RAD !
I myself have always wondered what exactly happened to the original Mongoose Californian BMX that actor Bill Allen ( Cru Jones ) rode during the filming of the movie RAD ?

Does he have any insight as to what exactly happened to the actual bicycle that was provided for the movie ?

And what significance does the number 33 have that was on his number plate ?

All of this would be really interesting to have actor Bill Allen (Cru Jones) himself provide all of the details himself.
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