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Hi guys it's been a while since I posted pics, so here's what Santa brought.

I normally drink Coke, but I had to ask myself... What would Martin Aparijo drink aboard his GT?

So anyway, this is my rider bike. I got tired of staring at bikes that I couldn't ride (because most of them have white rubber and plastic accessories) so I rounded up all of my spare parts that I wouldn't use on my showbikes (there's a story behind every part!) and put this babe together.

I can thank Joejacobi for the inspiration on this one!
When I saw the pics he posted of him riding a chrome 87 team model, I got an itch that just wouldn't go away.

For me to build a rider,
it had to be chrome and it had to have black accessories

In the beginning...

I bought this frame as an almost complete bike just to get the power series cranks the forks and the handle bars for my blue 87 team model. This frame was left over and was a perfect start. I striped it and sent it to the chome platers along with another set of forks from an 89 aggressor (almost identical) but NOS which I got cheap, a NOS pair of Araya 7C rims that I got for US$21 and a Superlace front hub that I actually owned and rode on BITD. That hub is the only part I have from my very first GT, a friend returned it to me after he used it in the 90's.

The front GT pegs were old and I re powdered them, then run them through a lathe to remove a small layer of paint to reveal the alloy knurling. I also lathed up the alloy locating washers that hold the axle securley in the dropouts.

My mate at a local bike shop had a NOS 36h Suntour coaster hub that I could use on the back, being chrome, it flows with the front hub.

I managed to find NOS Gt steel pegs for the rear 24Tpi to suit the Suntour axle for US$5 wow!

These power series cranks I found on ebay for US$149 which is half the price I've seen them go for, I was stoked to get a good deal ! I rubbed them back to get that new satin finish. I decided to just use bolts insted of lathing up new endcaps because I plan on riding this one and they're easier to keep tight.
The power disc was totally stuffed... the spindle hole was eccentric and the drivepin hole was twice the size it should be. I rewelded the holes and relathed a new spindle hole and drilled a new drivepin hole then repowdered it.

I'd like to thank SERVA for donating the NOS GT chainring bolts !!

I also used genuine SR SP474 pedals that I found in a bike recycle shop for $5 !!!! God bless them hippies! The pedals have rubber inserts for grip but they were badly brittle and were destroyed when removed from the pedals. That hippie shop just happened to have some fake plastic versions that I ran through a bandsaw to cut some new tread inserts. You gotta use what you can!

The stem is a fake but looks exactly the same, the bars are actually 1986 versions (slightly different geometry to 87's) and I powdered them black as a temporary measure untill I find some 87's worth chroming.

I had an epoch headset but gave up trying to tune it and went with a Tange. The old white lower gyro cable is temporary untill AJK sends the chrome backed stickers. You have to remove the cable to apply the downtube sticker and I didn't want to destroy a new black cable.

The tyres are NOS GT blackwall midschool which I dont mind destroying, I prefer the oldschool skinwall black tires but don't want to pay for them.

And she rides beautifully!!!!!

Way cool. How exactly did you restore those cranks?
totally awesome!
tell us more about how you got that perfect satin finish on those cranks!!!
Hey Hudson! You start with 150 grit paper to remove all the deeper nicks and scratches, and the anodising, then go to 320 grit in soapy water..... but be sure to sand in a paralel stroke !!!

That should take 2hrs per arm.

Once you have an even grain appearing on the arms, sand them for about 40 mins each with 1200 grit in soapy water. Keep an eye on the finish, you don't want to polish them !!!!! Good luck!
WOW nice resto!!!!
Beautiful bike good to see it being ridden.
That first pic is classic!!! I love it!!!

wow...that is dedication and ALOT of work. It looks incredible!

I sure could use a set of those pedals...

I also wish someone would re-make the crank bolts - mine are totally stripped...I love the way the cranks turned out...nice

Hows the neon pink one I sold you?
fantastic story... another quality Queensland freestyle build!

it looks like yourself Serva and Leroy must have found a good chromer by the look of it?
Yeah Roberto where did the chrome job come from. I need a frame done too. I have a few powder jobs too.
Awsome job mate!
pk ripped
Awesome pic...I was like, Hey..he looks like Martin Ap...

Great build too!
Well say that you are the creative type would be an understatement! I'm not really surprised how good she looks as I know the quality your hands turn out.
Mate you should have said that you were going to use black walls....anyway I have a pair of skinwall comp st's x 1.75. Id'e like to donate! I'm not riding with some dude with black walls! LOL
sorry our ride didn't quite happen this week,. Would you like to try for next wed?[ hope your still on hollies?]
Mate once again...great stuff...and I cant wait to see all else you have on the burner!

Top build
looks like the one my mate had bitd
Thank you all !

I like to bring a liitle humor to the site with my celebrity impersonations. Most of you know that I'm GT fan, but I'm also a Haro fan too. When my 86 master gets finished, I might have to do my best McCoy or Blyther !

djbdb... Here's the neon pink 88 that you sold me..

She's waiting to be show chromed and reborn as an 88 PFTTM ! Freestylin mag gave the 88 PFTTM a 9.5 out of ten in the road test and it's my holy grail of bikes. Show Chroming this one will cost twice the price that I paid to chrome my 87 rider. I have most of the parts now and only need the Axiom Ubrakes for the rear (990's weren't used that year). It might be next year before I can afford to finish her.
Hey Serva ! I've only got until Sunday arvo to go riding with you, make some time if you're feeling better, after Sunday I'm all booked out. Thanks for the tire offer!
Oh wow!! love that fluro pink buddy!! amazing..
Oh here he is! Hola Luis!
Oh man....guys I'm just in love with this site and these bikes....every issue of Freestylin' was sacrificed for my walls...and ALL of those ads from that GT series were on my door.
Roberto. Awesome looking bike!
Some serious attention to detail there....very sweet!
Yea, you gotta love it when someone pays that much attention to detail when building bikes. I took my '87 RL20II to the rockford show last year. I had stripped the old paint off and pollished it up. I thought it looked nice. I thought they would set off fireworks, drop confetti and hand me the first place trophy! Uh, I don't think anybody even looked at it twice . There were so many serious builds! I didn't even show up in the picture gallery on the website( I did get there a little late Saturday afternoon, I think they were done taking photos) I will be taking it a little more seriously this year. But judging by the builds i have seen on this site I might be left with the same feeling in '06
Don't be so hard on yourself Needrock. Building a bike is suppose to be only for your enjoyment. If someone digs it, bonus, if not, who cares so long as you're happy with it.

It's better to not take this hobby too seriously, or it'll turn out to be work for you. And who wants to pay to work? ...not me.

Have fun!
Man, Roberto, you put some serious time, effort, and ingenuity into that and it totally paid off!

Love the way you "unveil" your rides in the theme of old-school ads!
RL-20II Guy
Here you go!


RL -20II GUY .... YOU ROCK !!
I cant stop laughing!
Awesome build Roberto.

That GT ad cracks me up LOL
LOL - nice touch RL20IIGuy!

Man, you out-did yourself again Roberto...the patience you must have to complete the different processes of restoring some of your parts. Very impressive! I know I couldn't do it! Glad I could be of some inspiration to this project!
Hand Grenade
I am VERY impressed by what you had to do, to get that done.

That bike is truly a fantastic version of someone's passion.
Excellent work sir, I commend you.
Sweet build Roberto! Great job on those crank arms.
ROBERTO...thanks for the pics i like to see who builds these insane bikes.I have always been impresed with you australia cats keep it up from way
Thanks heaps Brian !
The brothers from down under got some skills !!!
Brian P
roberto, i commend you for being able to pull that build off.
i personally dont know where to find the time or patience to be able to pull off that kind of restoration
Smokin Endo
Not only is it the cleanest PFT I've seen yet but he rides it too ! And like a champ ! You ROCK ! Job well done !

Very Cool Roberto! Chrome GT's look awesome.
Seems like us Aussies can keep the spirit of BITD

well done Rob
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