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I think its time we gather up all of the RL20, RL20a, RL20b, and RL20 II bikes in one spot...
so, lets see some pics, and lets show the Hutch guys what we got !!!
lets see them all...trailer queens, riders, survivors, its all good in the RL club.
Free RL decoder ring and lifetime subscription to "Freestylin" magazine included with your membership !!!

IMO, its only appropriate to launch this thread with the "ULTIMATE" Redline...(I'll post mine later)
Stephen, sorry for jackin your pic, but hopefully you will be posting some more RL Radness...
Heres my 85 RL20II. Lets post some more Redlines!
Here's my RL-20II....

Kicking myself for selling this one....

Not mine, but identical to the f/f I bought new in 1984. A chrome Redline RL20 for your viewing pleasure. I still remember seeing the bike shop guy bring it to the counter when it came in. I ordered it new and could not wait for it to arrive.

RL20-II Dreamin'
Here are some from my collection...





I've also got a complete custom RL20-II with a glow-in-the-dark powder job (bought from Stephen - RL-20 II Guy) and a completely restored Hazzard Yellow RL20-II kit, also courtesy of Stephen. Unfortunately, no pics of those for a while. I Just moved into a new house and have to get settled before bringing the collection over!
RL20-II Dreamin'
I tried hard to buy Ironhide's "Royalberry" RL20-II! Sorry you're unhappy about that sale!
Dreamin' man,

Good to see you around. Congrats on the new house! I miss the bike, but I could always build another one like it someday. The money I got for it went to charity, the bike went to a good home, so it's all good.
awesome bikes guys... heres my entry into "Club Red"...its currently my only complete Pro-Styler, and its a rider...

I gotta couple more in the works
My Current Work In Progress

RL-20II Guy
Here are RL-20II Dream'n's Day-Glow Yellow and Hazard Yellow frame sets...

The one and only...............
RL-20II Guy
Here is the pro-type Radberry that I did....

Here is my recent restore

Here is my buddies
Here's my rider--original finish:

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OK, this on isn't an RL20 anything, but I'll get a pic of my RL20II up later when I get home. At least here's another Redline for now.

Here's my 1988 model.
Anyone have any original fork pegs for sale?

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RL20-II Dreamin'
Does it have the larger fork peg holes, like the RL-20B had? If so, I have a set of generic black fork pegs that'll fit, otherwise the fork pegs from newer Haro's will fit as well.
Just put this together the other day (needed a rider)
heres an old pic of my 85 RL20...

I'm rebuilding it now, and it will be a lot different than this set up...and yes, the stem will be lower
bump, c'mon guys, weres all those RLs at...lets see some pics !!!
I got this one from pschwind a while back...its since been taken apart, and will soon be off to see the wizard (RL20 II guy) to recieve some fresh powder...
I know it's not that old, but it is a Redline with twin top tubes.
Finally got pics of the others all work in progress.

and here is the Prostyler
'85 RL20 Prostyler is my rider. '86 Rl20 II is gonna get the restore treatment. Have an '85 as well, boxed up until I can get around to restoring it.

Redline Prostyler
Here is my early ´85 dream.
Greets Didi

Redline RL-20II

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^^is that RL originaly "all-white" ??

is that one of the "no-chrome" early versions that I've heard about ?

ANT DOG 3:16
My "old racer" redline 700sl.(Getting restored over the winter)
ANT DOG 3:16
Redline Prostyler
Yes, this is a original ´85 in complete white.
I know two here in munich. A friend has the second
one complete with the first original Pegs. Alu Peg with the allenhead-screw. I have "only" the knurled Type Pegs.
Greets Didi
My work in progress. I just scored f/r nippons in silver w/ Cali Red lettering (thanks Lee!!), NOS Panaracer Freestyle tires (Black in 1.75),
NOS Tech 5 levers (chrome and black), a NOS silver Suntour seatpost clamp. All I need now is a chain and a chainwheel.

My RL-20II has been a constant project since I brought it home from my dad's house in 03...
Version 1 Untouched since 1988:

Version 2... stuck with the lavender theme:

Version 3... changed to pink theme with flights add:

Version 4... sticking with pink theme but toning it down a bit.
RL20-II Dreamin'
That's a hot ride. And it's good to see the front mag on right. Is it just me, or do half of the bikes with Peregrine Masters have the front mag on backwards?
I wanna join the club, would somebody sell me a nice RL20ii.
My non-freestyle soon to be Redline contribution:

And my 88 that I regretfully sold:

Bedlam Bikes
This is Todd's (Midelifecrisis)


This is my toy
This is my RL20, havent touched it a while as its winter and stuff...

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Mr. Clean
here's mine. Took me about two years to get all the NOS parts that are on it. But now I gotta sell it. Anyone?
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