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Hey guys, I'm bored at work and thought I would flash this up. The white seat and discusting bars ends have been swaped for black. I still have to make a plate and finish some small jobs....

Hope you's dig it so far!
SWEET AS HELL Were did all these RL20II come from very nice color combo!!!
AWESOME. Best aqua RL20II I've ever seen. I'd almost trade my Radberry for it. Almost! I like the deatils, crank arm stickers, also loks like you had the headset painted or powdered, or did it come like that?
Thanks! I actually sprayed the bike/headset myself. I was hoping to do the seat clamp also but I ran out of paint...doh!
That is minty fresh!!! Gd job man.
Brian P
BAM here it is, another def jam......... by serva

you guys are really making me want to get one of these bikes, scot, awesome job. glad to see you still around...LOL

Here's a few more! sorry the pics turned out dark but I'll get some better ones when she is complete!
i personally would have went with a chrome stem, but its freakin awesome....LOVE the color.
Awesome bike! I love the color
Thats paint? What are you using? If it is paint can you pass on the paint code to me?
I really love it!!! That looks AWESOME.. Turned out really well
Man, that thing is DIALED... great job!
That is AWESOME. Great job, serva.

2008 calendar prospect for sure
Lou, it is 2 pac. Unfortunately is was matched to the crank stickers, so I dont have a code, sorry. I definately would pass it on to you if I had it. It was a one off mix. Hey, Lou. I found out the hard way that Acrylic paint doesnt really work over the top of 2 pac when I sprayed the b/b.....duuuuurrrr lol

[ December 08, 2006, 09:02 PM: Message edited by: serva ]
Nice one Scott. There's a bit of shine to the chrome isn't there?
That is a very clean build.I love the color.
Sick, but is screams for white 401's

Jealous, I am....

God I sound like yoda
That is one sick 22! Did you also do the brake lettering? How did you do it if so?
You guys are giving me the painting bug. I thought my painting days were over. I still have my mask and gun though, so watch out!
The force is strong in you PEP!

RL P....Q tips! and stress! The left over paint was drying as I was doing it! Just fill the lettering with a paint filled q tip and wipe of the exess with a thinners filled q tip...its a bit fiddly to say the lest.

[ December 08, 2006, 09:35 PM: Message edited by: serva ]
thats awesome rl 22 very clean nice color
Very nice, the attention to detail really makes it sing.

Can i be the 1st one to push it over when it's finished???
Sorry mate, I push it ovr every night when I get home.......hmmmmm I'm shivering just thinking about it......push.....BANG hmmmmmm
oh my gawwwwwwd I want that bike
Teal is my favorite color RL and you've done it up right. It'll look perfect when you make those changes you mentioned--killer build!
Maurice Meyer
Aren't you married? I think I'd consider myself cheating on my wife if I had a bike like that. You just single-handedly raised the price of RL-20II's by at least $500.
RL-20II Guy
That gets the "Mr. Clean" approval!

Great to have a camera to catch all that gleem too!

Maurice! don't worry mate! there's plenty of love to go round hehe

LOL Thanks Stephen- I'll be using the template to make a plate soon, I have some wicked idea's for that.
SICK, just SICK Your builds are always so clean & tight, I'm always stoked to see what you got goin on !!

I'm working on it's little brother right now, and hope to have it finished in a few weeks...
ahhhh snap,you make the best builds imo.....
looks awesome scott..
Its all the help I get....
Hey Scott - seriously impressive, mate - well done.
Mr. Clean
actually it does get me approval. haha. Great lookin bike. Real clean!!!! Maybe my hazard yellow one will bring what I want now.
Yeah Bro you've out done yourself that is very clean and sparkly (LOL)
Excellent attention to detal
Real Eye Popper
RL20-II Dreamin'
Awesome job. One of my favorite builds, no doubt about it.
Nice job Scott! I look forward to seeing it in person.
You always put together the cleanest builds, but try not to sell this one huh!
That is one clean RL! Great job Serva.
Nurse !!!......get this boy some aerial levers...stat.
now that it's all done..can i have it back?? LOL
Redline fan
Awesome build, reminds me of the one I had bitd
87 Pro Freestyle Tour
Very Nice, seeing that makes me feel like I am the LBS back in the day. VBMX is fantastic.....
WOW Scotty.. it's come out great.. top dollar
That's an awesome bike.

I never quite got the Redline forklifter stem though. I always wanted an RL-20II and then when I finally got one, I hated it. The front end is tall, and I'm a little short. So I figure RL must be like 7' tall to need that tall of a front end and a stem that raised the bars even higher.
Smokin Endo
Sweet ! Nice attention to detail, and turquoise has to be one of the all time coolest colors Redline did ! I would love to see it with some Peregrine mags Nice work Scott

rob delaney
Nice work
serva, you're the man .
waouh, flashy bike, perfect finish.....
i guess you're workin' on R.L.'s routine to end the project
A+ man! Excellent detail.
Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. My name is Mike. I have been visiting this forum for a few months and just joined. I started collecting Redline's about a year ago. I currently have an 86 Cali-Red RL20, an 85 Turquoise RL20 and an 85 White RL20II. My 85 Turquoise RL20 is built and the others are still in pieces. I hope to contribute to this already great community of collectors and thought this would be a great place to start.

Serva, your 86 Turquoise RL20II is down right awesome!!! I love that you put Peregrine Super Pro 48's on it. These are my wheels of choice and have sets for all of my bikes. The Turquoise painted headset looks perfect as well as the Turquoise lettering on the brakes. Nice touches!!!

I have to ask what 2 pac paint is. I never heard of it. Also are the stickers the one's from AJK Bikes? They look great and I may use them for one of my builds.

It is good to finally post and I hope to spend more time here.

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